• Chains for protection

    This is Kinah. It is one of the sandals born from the experimentation with chains and our Female Warrior theme for Spring/ Summer 2011. We stitched, threaded, embroidered, joined, and combined different types of chains, and this is the outcome.

    One of our favorite female musicians of all time is Polly Jean Harvey. We not only love her albums, but also her fantastic sense of style, always very feminine but in a strong assertive and independent way.
  • Weaving as protection

    Again inspired by our Female Warriors and as part of our experiments with weaving leathers and different textiles, we created NAIA, our favourite style and the one that has been most popular with the buyers for this first season.
  • Female Warriors

    Their are armies in in Afganistan, Iraq, Sudan. Korea is on alert and over in Europe the students are marching. Environmental apocalypse is also on the menu. No, it’s not the 80′s. Nope. It’s back to the dystopian future. And this time the West is not charge. No surprise then that in this first collection we have been very much inspired by the theme Female Warriors. We have gone into the route of experimenting with the Mix of technical textiles like metallic meshes and armors created with chains.
  • Miista loves Saga

    At Miista we religiously read the fashion blogs. It was in StyleBubble that we were switched onto Saga, the young icelandic photographer settling London alight.
  • This borough aint big enough for both of us

    Within this collection we have a group of styles that are very much based on the details often inspired by Western (as in cowboys and injuns) themes. But brought into the Miista’s mixed-up feminine way of seeing things: Stylish but rough and ready.
  • Measuredly Mad – Miista is born

    After months of hard work, and dreams that stretch back to 2005, Miista has been born. It’s been bloody hard work. But then most things that are worth it, tend to be. Miista is about Measured Madness, its about the juxtaposition of stuff that don’t normally sit next to each other. We do hope you like it. You can read more about Measured Madness on our About Page.